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19 September 1999
       "I deeply believe that we humans are meant to test the limits by our endeavoring beyond what our natural mind may think we’d want to go. This time, as tragic and horrible as it must seem (and is), can also be a time when God reaches down and touches your very life like never before. Through overcoming this challenge, your spirit will arise and transform everything you ever thought you knew.... There’s no sense in going onto you next life, whether it be heaven or as a butterfly or bird, if there is still a chance you could gain more transcending knowledge and experiences while here on earth. 

        "...events (can) cause your mind, spirit, and body to come in line with healing, with unhindered divine thought, with deepened spiritual awareness. "In the darknesses, I will show you who is your God’, form the Hebrew Torah, written by Isaiah. 

        "...David Mitchell is baaaad. That guy’s got vision. Deep stuff...thank you (for sending poems)."

- William C. Payton


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