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June 16, 1999 
     "...but today, it is without exaggeration to state that commonly it is becoming increasingly impossible for younger prisoners to find their place within the panorama of life while in prison. These young people are not locked up any longer for just a few years at a time, but rather, for decades...entire lives. They spend this time in places serving god-awful food now days, providing nearly no basic conditions in which to evolve emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. In California, this is induced by a ‘transfer" system, which is designed to keep prisoners moving from one joint to another in order to quell any chance of gangs developing strongholds, long term relationships with staff, and even local outside contacts. The result to this is that one is kept moving with no chance of settling in to do their time, and ultimately, to begin to look within themselves. All their time is spent adapting, then readapting, et cetra. 

      "Point is, in the long term it is not grit or violence which overcomes those harshly subjugated, but it is love. Just as proven by the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s. Love, and its call for egalitarian rights, overcame the violence thrust upon those of color. Individually speaking, those who developed a sense of their spirituality developed fulfilling lives in the midst of chaos; and as a whole, they eventually overcame together the atrocities of a naive democratic system."

- William C. Payton 


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