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"Miniature City Replica"

by Cal Morton, Jr.

In a plastic manufactured world,
before a miniature, light-up television set,
there stares a solemn, solitary woman.

She goes, every day, to a miniature school,
which teaches fake, plastic ideas,
convincing every one what they want is right.

It tries her endurance.

In a plastic miniature apartment building,
surrounded by manufactured Ever-Greens,
there resides a cheerful, self-sufficient man.

He works, every day, in a miniature department store,
which sells fake, plastic ideals,
convincing every one what they want is right.

It tries his endurance.

A voice synthesizer regurgitates pre-constructed lines.
Simulated human hair dyed any color of the rainbow.
A wardrobe including dresses for all occasions.
Life-like expressions on miniature faces.
All included with those manufactured Barbie dolls.

Outside her plastic miniature world,
a writer manufactures fake, plastic words,
convincing himself what he does is right.

It taxes his conscience.

If you could merely be my favorite doll.
If you could merely be my favorite doll
without the glamour.

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