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Steamshovel by Yosh

   40 days of extradition 
   ask to Her, receive permission 

   the world was easier to deal with at times 

   fill I heart, and I dart to release 

   the paper starts blank, and I think an idea 
   the hand moves to crank, time to make it all clear 

   is poured, straight out of the vein 
   as these words release true inner pain 
   as well the reign, of an overworked brain 

   The Train. 
   is started by an idea, but then it starts a rolling, 
   kinda like you have control, when the ball’s in hand you’re bowling 

   but then you release it, and does everything change 
   realize the emotions had a varying range 
   and with the pins down, its easy to see 
   that She had some control, between there and me 

   and I crank off a tune 
   and I howl at the moon 
   remembering 40 days of life 

   each one did I learn 
   brain fat did I burn 
   as the train, cuts days, like a knife 

Chip In My Shoulder by Yosh 

  Microsoft whispers on my RJR tattoo 
  and she kisses me before brushing her teeth 
  nothing wrong with that 
  if I take em clean should takem any way 
  and I ask myself three main questions at this time 

  am I a monopoly? 
  am I putting additives to my words to get you hooked? 
  or am I just a try, at living a way of I? 
  will you rub my back? 

  I guess thats four 
  I don't think they're gonna break me up 
  I don't think they're gonna sue 
  yet hope they understand the grain assault caused by spaghetti 
  cause I am ready, 
  and I can't lie and tell them that I am full 
  I need more and more 
  A-Me-Ric(h)a taught me that 
  that make this kat wanna get fat 
  yet slim in other ways 

  Turner round to keep some tight 
  and others unlimit Ted 
  it just sounded write 
  I don't know why 
  I catch this light... 
  I don't think you have a Case 
  on the Gates of a new media era 

  Rupert Humperdink, Engelbert's bro 
  just something I made up, ya know 
  just to show, how I have to hide 
  cause you will be watching 
  abide like that guy on the A-Team, 
  what was his name? Murdoch 

  Big B's gonna mix it all up 
  convincing the television viewer 
  that everythings a-ok 
  spin it all around to you 

  did I ever mention that 
  3% of the world population 
  holds 90% of its money and property? 
  that means 97% of us have 10% to fight over. 
  and they love watching 
  as we feed in 
  instead of getting the facts 

  I've been feeding in 
  I've been waking up early 
  I've been putting on the suit 
  the tie, the nine, the parking dues 
  so detached from my motivation 
  if I watch the tube I will forget 
  for if I see, I will get upset 

  will you rub my back? 
  my shoulder hurts from the accident 
  they gave me a few stiches 
  but no painkillers if you're wondering 

  I've been asking my boss for things 
  I used to ask Her above 
  my boss is very giving 
  I am feeling very lost 

  the cost of these shoes won't hurt 
  nor this jacket, or date with that flirt 
  my prior life seems so distant 
  my priorities are wacked 

  one minute, my pager went off 
  I'll be right back 
  I have to sign my cellular check 
  I'll be right back 

  will you rub my back, I have a crick 
  the pain is vibrating from my shoulder 
  and up into my neck 

  I don't know how many cigarettes I smoked today 
  yet I'm gonna stay right here on the couch 
  will you pick me up some food on the way over? 
  I'm hungry 

The Rose

take my psychology 
throw it away 
make it all you believe in today 

take Me apart 
do with Me what you wish... 

I is. 

I can deal 
hit Me with punches 
I'll be retrospective 
learn from I mistakes 
takin chances, no one else takes 

the energy is my sun 

and when the phones come 100% on 
I am 100% there 
I am paying with cash 
no credit card 
I owe Attention nothing 
We are even, 
and I step up 

there are few things broken, 
and less new things spoken, 
and there's a million miles to you... 

U's Me 
and don't even know it... 

and when the phones are 100% off 
they're100% off 
and focus I do 

Welcome baby, I love you hard 
if you are watching 
I am sorry if I clashes 
with your view of the world 
but I feel your I's 

glowing, I love you 
and I's love I's 

and for every one thats afraid 
there is one thats allured 
and I am a product of I-psychology 
and never mean harm to the I's 
so put your sunglasses on... 

the collective manifestation of the energy is drawn 
electricity abound! 

found, its not that I dont care about what you think 
its that you are gonna judge me either way 
so I might as well be I 

and when you tell I that you have some insight 
I think and listen to what you've said 
and decide if your notice has validity to I-soul 

I know I like to dance around, I know I like to sing 
but focus tunnel focus now, I challenge I to bring, 
it to the next level, and step up just a notch, 

I wanna know what I can do, 
I wanna see what I can free, 
Who is Me for I to be? 

and see, I know I can do more, 
and be more proficient 
more productive 

I am human, welcome in 
I live a quest, try not to sin 
I rhyme, I feel, I think about 
the time, I peel, and never pout 
doubt many things, but not I 
I take each point, organize and try 
so know I'm nuts, if you believe 
with every movement, make the deep lungs breathe... 

I is. 



I am human
and spatter the canvas
with grace and pout
ego and doubt

I love and laugh
sip and gulp

I am trying not
to be as reactive
I am prying to be
more proactive

I fell asleep at eight
the other night
and woke up around
at my own stupidity
for knocking over
the bottle of merlot
unto the white carpet.

I must’ve done it
around nine or ten
because it was as dry
as Tucson Arizona.

my right arm
was still asleep
when I awoke,

so I wiggled it
until I had some
of feeling.

Then I smoked a
cigarette (idiot),
and went to bed.

I think I am going
to let them
take it out of my
security deposit.

til then
its just
and a story.

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