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It was painful his every breath, 
Every movement was a dead end, 
There was no sparkle in eyes 
Of joy, but a tear depressed. 
You will die soon, doctor told him many times 
"My work shall live till the end of Sunshine 
Let me work for every second, 
Lend me not a painless time, 
I ask for just time, 
Even in pain a man can work 
That's what I will prove with my work." 
True, they who say health is a must to rise in life, 
Know not how strong is strength and its life, 
Tortures of disease, if inhereted, 
My friends, retreat was a past believe, 
Not a present truth. 
He died not before his time, 
Even after life, sunshine, his work shall shine, 
For he had proved to prove one's wisdom, one's worth 
Even health is not the need  of this earthly place.
- Ekta K. Karla

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