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photo of Summer Breeze
Summer Breeze, editor
Moongate Internationale

1993 Photo by Carla DeMarco

HI, I have been publishing poetry since 1988 and on the internet since November 1998. 
. . . here in dark of dawn's rebirth 
comes a whooshing whooshing. . . 
angel wings still flutter softly 
'round the hearts of mortal man 
. . . hoards of angels' singing voices 
praise the passing, evening light 
praise the birthing day to be 
unclung to old miseries 
. . . all love is a pulling, tugging 
to what calls a heart to play 
see us here all tugging, pulling 
one big clam shell open, closing 
"will you come and play?" 


from interview by Carla DeMarco, 1993

Now retired, Summer accepts an occasional job caring for people who choose to die at home.  She works by candlelight with her computer, having a aversion for electric lights. Only recently did she purchase a used washing machine after scrubbing clothes by hand in the bathtub became too physically taxing.
"I'm richer now than I've ever been in my life," claims the 59 yearend woman who "ejected" herself from suburbia of the 1950's. "I went to the beauty shop twice a week,  played duplicate bridge and golf, went bowling and took piano lessons.  Now I'm free from the need to wear a frozen smile on my face to get a paycheck to buy toys I don't need. I have honesty in my relationships. I take pauses in the wilderness. At times, I feel the same sense of wonder and aliveness I felt as a child."
Summer said starting in her late twenties, she began to question things like "conspicuous consumption" and "keeping up with the Jones's." Since then, she's steered her life in a direction that to some would be regarded as the antithesis of the American dream.

She said she sees a world dream in which individuals contribute to an overall healing effect by living a low impact lifestyle and sharing. "When the human spirit is healed the Earth will heal itself," she quotes Michael Eliseuson.

Since 1988, Summer, under the name Mother Bird Books, has published the works of 200 poets and novelists in more than a hundred titles totaling 12,000 copies. She also publishes a poetry ezine titled, Moongate Internationale,  which features poetry, fiction and nonfiction by writers from around the globe.

Mother Bird Books released two books by New Mexican writers this past year: a children's tale about the origin of the dream catcher by a Bayard resident who calls himself Finder and Thunder Mountain by Uncle River, a novel of magical realism.

Her first impetus to publish struck ten years ago when she opened her home to a friend who was down on his luck. During his stay, he composed an epic poem titled, "A Small Bird's Nest."

"I wanted to be able to read it again and again; I wanted others to read it," Summer said, "so I put it in book form." Here are some of his words that moved her:

The signature of all things

Can be found in the eyes . . .

Here is the Mystery,

We humans have lived together . . .

For thousands of years,

But we still don't get along:

Hiroshima, that is not getting along,

Auschwitz, that is not getting along,

Iran, Libya, Iraq, South Africa, Burma,

Nicaragua, Angola, Palestine, Chile,

Peru, Poland . . .

We are not getting along!

And, meanwhile,

The animals of the earth

Are all staring at us! . . .

The eyes of all nature

Are watching us closely.

. . .

Summer will continue to publish in hopes that  the words she prints will provide inspiration, encouragement or motivation to readers and artists alike.

She also hopes her books will "come into the hands of someone with the means to take them to the next level of production:" wider distribution, author television interviews, film contracts . . . "These artists; poets, writers, musicians, painters etc, deserve international recognition."

Summer summarized her perspective succinctly: "Benjamin Franklin said, 'A penny saved is a penny earned.' That just promotes the idea of scarcity. It says we have to worry about the rainy day and makes us feel insecure about the future. I don't believe that. Happiness comes from giving away..."

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