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Talking Heads were once identified as an "art rock" band which I always thought was an unfortunate description that failed to tell you anything. Critics recently have begun to note Talking Heads as one of the influences on "house music" another term that tells you nothing. Maybe people stay up all night creating categories to drop things into so they never really have to listen?

David Byrne was, and is, a geek with an idiosyncratic view. "Psycho Killer", from the same Stop Making Sense release, upset a lot of people like Tipper Gore, who used it to show rock and roll was dangerous. If only she knew! Other band members were: Chris Frantz; Tina Weymouth; Jerry Harrison; Bernie Worrell; Alex Weir; Steven Scales; Lynn Mabry; and Ednah Holt. Some went on to form Ton Ton Club with African influenced polyrythms. David Byre has a solo career. Stop Making Sense was a staged show featuring the Big Suit and was filmed.

Some quotes from the liner notes: "Singing is a trick to get people to listen to music for longer than they would ordinarily." "Civilization is a religion. Civilized people walk funny." "People look ridiculous when they're in ecstasy." "Body odor is the window to the soul." "People will do odd things if you give them money." "Space people think TV news shows are comedies and soap operas are news. They'll contact us when the can make money by doing so."

- Ken Peters

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