(Summer Breeze recites with David Jackson on guitar)

my body was cold & shivered

& shivered & shivered until it was warm

tears fell & fell & fell till they were gone

my campfire says "It is good to know cold."

the full moon says "It's good to know empty."

the refugees say

"carry a child & you can go on"

i say

body, you have my permission to shiver

all the fears learned in childhood

shiver out the fear of the Unknown

make a lighter heart of company

meet a stranger with no stranger eyes

Heads or tails?


just arms & legs winding, walking


this non-play no one applauds

this long stretch home

we all want home

a comfort zone of just being

a hand to hold & know we're not alone

circles joining circles

making heads & tails of light enough

to heal a tattered heart

- Summer Music

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