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Since we are looking for the views
We have concluded
That there's no eyes in the dark
To start with the light
Like lighthouse
Which is beating great sorrow
Which is obviously transitional and a fatal disease

There will be the light
When the dark will be burned

Nenad Glisic Gile

I was born 1972 in Kragujevac, central Serbia, where i still live. I published little poetry books, "Homeland, you are like cirrhosis of the liver" (1992, 32 pages), Anthems of kamikaze (1998, 40 pages), and Flowers of Hiroshima (some kind of haiku, 2001, 24 pages). I also practice visual poetry and mail art, but I'm not so active like in
poetry. Recently I finished my first novel - Tales about Bad word teller. About work - heh, not so easy. I live in Serbia, and it is country with very confused economical system. I work occasionally, and study a little bit, but its a bit of a complicated story.

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