Running, scrambling, 
dodging bullets
foxhole to foxhole
camouflage khakis dusted in silt
a warm breeze
sun glances swaying palms

I can’t take notice
but glimpse my shiny, 
up to code boots
as ordered by the Captain

Crest the hill
and there he is
A reflection
of myself
Painted in fear

Gaze for 
one iota in time
triggers - - FIRE!

Hot lead thuds my chest
sends me aback
one barren, 
fruitless tree to lean

Dog tags rattle
as I search out 
precious photos
She will be sad 
at my parting
as my children will 
- - fatherless

Then I watch myself
crumpled and alone at tree
one last expulsion 
and I’m free

The subliminal umbilical cord 
is not severed - - why?

I’m outside, rising...rising
inside my memories
floating…speed of light
furthering into life past
The fear is gone
…the light is welcoming

I follow


Sucking breath, gasping, 
intense pounding of the heart

I fall back to reality
this was a dream
or was it?

Life and death 
are such parallels
I see
was not accepting me 
this time
…not this time
not this girl of seventeen

Just a dream


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