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Daddy's girl's
been sleeping
with dope
fiend thieves
got her
closets full
of stolen
stuff won't
call home missed
spring break when
the grades came back F's
doesn't even
flinch to the
sound of
Daddy's Mercedes horn.

Daddy wobbles
from drinks on
the way down
beats on her window
tears his hand
"I love you"
on a business
card blood
smearing the

He tries to
slide it under
her door but
the stooping
is hard he
gets dizzy
wipes hands on
vanilla linen
suit gives up.

The card
sticks there
half in half
out as Daddy's
girl peeks
through blinds
with boyfriends 1 and 2
while the cop the
neighbor called
leads Daddy away.

- Rick Stansberger 

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