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And now, José?
The party's over,
The light is out.
The people have left,
The night's turned cold,
And now José?
You who are nameless
You buzz about others
You who make verses
You love and protest,
And now, José?

You don't have a woman,
You have no one to talk to,
You don't get affection
You can't drink any more.
You can't smoke any more.
You can't even spit.
The night's turned cold,
You didn't see daylight,
Or the next streetcar,
Or laughter.
You didn't see utopia,
And everything's over,
Everything's gone away,
Everything's silent,
And now, José?

And now, José
Your sweet word
Your feverish moment
Your feasting and fasting
With your works of gold
In your suit of glass
Your incoherence
Your hatred - and now?

With the key in your hand,
You wanted to open the door,
The door doesn't exist.
You want to die in the sea,
But the sea has dried up.
You want to go back home,
But home's not there.
José, what now?

If you yelled
If you moaned
If you played
A Vienna waltz
If you slept
If you got tired...
But you don't get tired.

Alone in the dark
Just a beast in the woods
With no theology
With no blank wall
To shelter yourself
With no black horse
To flee at a gallop,
You're walking, José,
José, but to where?

- Drummond de Andrade

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