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Greenhouse bedroom drenched
by moonlight
wakes me before dawn
to feel the delight.

The full moon is kissing my brow,
caressing my plants and flowers
calling, "Beloved awaken...
you need not sleep more hours."

Moonlight illuminating the whishers
of my footwarming cat.
What prettierwelcome than that
could one wish as entry to a new day?
And how better, "I love you", to say?

Now, sister moon, relieved by brother sun,
lingeringly retreats, her work well done.
The sky takes on soft colors of a new day gegun,
plae pink cushions the top of mountains, purple and blue,
the green of trees shimmering with dew.

The silence first broken by the early morning train...
my dog groans and stretches
and so begins the refrain
ofcoyote, frog and birds...
no more beautiful symphony ever is heard!
All is All and All is the Word.

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