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For Stan McGill

and the engineers

oh the engineers.....

I went to a colleagues funeral

an awesome engineer......gone......

because of our products

engineers touch everyone silently and unknown

unheralded  slipping into millions of homes.

When you touched your fridge today, 

it didn't kill you and it works 

an engineer!

I know these people, square, conservative, 

speaking in tongues of technology....

but mostly the same kinds of people who fix things


smarter or luckier

The good ones are the ones who came from nothing

farmer's sons and  daughters

who know how to use

wire and tape and a wrench

the engineers

I remember the old fifties engineers with their

pocket protectors full of pens. They taught us


These folks go mostly unnoticed

and die unknown

Hail to you engineers

I wanted you to know I noticed

and I'll say this so only you will truly understand

because only you really knew why you worked so hard,

It didn't hurt me and it's still working

Thank you

- David Michael Jackson


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