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Cosmic Volts

Crabtree or Napolitano,
I can't remember which,
Spoke of "electric" time --
Failing to describe the switch.
Direct or alternating current,
No matter how we've dug,
Has failed to yield an outlet --
Never mind a plug.
If time truly is electric,
Like synapses in our brain --
Then knowledge being wealth,
We've fortunes yet to gain.
Perhaps our minds discover
Wattage facets in our sleep --
And mine subconscious gems,
And dredge them in a heap.
Your own timeline continuum
Is like a pulsing thread...
Commencing with your birth,
It stops only when you're dead.
Yet this crude interpretation
Leaves something to be desired.
You're not defined by matter,
But just by how you're 'wired'.

- Jim Dunlap

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