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        31 August 1999 
     "If we offer little from our heart, then what's on the outside is all we have to depend on in getting us into relationships. People today, most American people, thrive and direct their relationships primarily by what's on the outside. The (very) second something from within arises that's not so sweet, then relationships fall into pieces. However, when friends are made from what is within, then what is on the outside becomes of little concern. Further, when friends are made this way, then beauty is all that's seen anyway. Ultimately, the outside becomes as beautiful as the inside in the eyes of the beholder. 

     " ...as individuals WE MUST discover at some point we are spiritual creatures designed and destined to learn that love is the source of all life. If we don't learn this then we have not achieved the purpose of our existence." 

     "I was listening to my favorite guru the other day, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and he said, "Religions I despise, because while they often begin upon discovering the wonderful truth, as soon as they organize, they lose that truth.

 William C. Payton


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