Eating too many large burritos after hours of
             unsuccessful bargain hunting
   A beautiful voice slowly fades away
   The basic questions in life are never fully answered
   God is a big toe squirming to get out
             of a red and blue tube sock
   Allways seeking -- we're allways seeking
   Life is a dream
   There is NO Original Sin
   There is NO Orignial Sin
   Everyday we recreate ourselves
   Somewhere someone is baking a real juicy
             meatloaf with mashed potatoes and
             green beans for dinner
   Someone is having an orgasm -- at this very second
   Someone is using a telescope to see their
             own reflection in the bathroom mirror
   The sidewalks have reproduced
   Vanpires are now considered politically correct
   I wonder just how many brain cells have ever
             existed on this planet
   Maybe Jack and Jill loved each with the depth
             of a bic lighter
   Maybe all the best cowboys are having
             secret love affairs with full color
            photos of a naked Albert Einstein,
                       in their hamburger shaped mines
                       there is a greasy truth
   On Sundays I never wear underwear
   There is NO Original Sin
   A round plump myth is breaking free
   What's the difference between a church
             and an oversized bathroom
   Jesus would now have to wear black combat
             boots and pierce his nose to be seen
             or heard above the unrelenting moan
             of the television -- where most every
             image is like a billion foot long hot dog
             that screams for some form of
             Divine Recognition.
   There is NO Original Sin
   Insanity may only be one bad thought away
   I can easily imagine large groups of flies
             attached to the memory of Elvis

   - Adam Kizansi

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