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For Willie 

This is something 
  I have been meaning to do 
    ever since I found out 
      the ground was shaking 

It was a small crack 
  but it got larger and larger 
    and now I don't know why 
      but I just have to try 
        to jump it 

You are not alone 
  just feels that way since 
    hugs are so personal 
      requiring  muscles neither can use right now 
        There is, however, time for crying 

              but it will pass 
see how quickly the hurt goes away 
          god . . . I am such a liar. 

I wish you could hear me play piano 
  play it loudly and sing poorly 
    because truth is there not here 
      it never was actually edible 

Know only that I follow you 
  like a dog onto my own battlefield; 
    and when you are gone, I will 
      sit on your grave and howl and cry 
        who let my brother get away?

Bob Cain

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