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Big Mountain Activist


photo of Mae Shay
          Mae Shay. Travelled to NY for the Lehman action. Mae is wife of Kee Shay, 
and like the rest of their family, have been "excluded" from land they and there ancestors have always lived on.
photo of Leonard Benally
    Leonard Benally. Leonard was one of the
    prime organizers of the Lehman action in
    New York, and has been travelling
    extensivelly telling the story of his people
    and Big Mountain.
photo of Key Watchman

Kee Watchman. Kee has been travelling to Europe for many years to give testimony to 
the UN and to spread the word about the situation on the Altar.

photo of Roberta Blackgoat

Roberta Blackgoat outside Lehman Bros. At 84, Roberta still continues to travel the world, at great expense to her health, to try and let people know how Mother Earth is being abused.

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