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  ....A poem a day
                                     12 August 1999


If the boiling angryturbulence of hostile
seas give way to gentle caressing rolling
waves, when will the turmoil in my
life give way to the peace I feel inside?

The thread that uravels the pent up tension,
releasing the emotion, allowing peaceful
healing, is the letting go of the need to be right.

As long as one is right, the other wrong,
no one wins, everyone loses. There
can be no compassion, or compromise
possible. Without compassion there can only be defensive behavior, polarization
and the need to defend one's self.
Everyone neeeds to win for there to be
forward progress.

The sound of rain splashing on thirsty ground,
eagerly waiting, passionately receiving,
receptive is what I need to hear.
It is a state of mind.

- Meadow Clark