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Poetry offerings from Anon & Anona

I Know

about utility and aesthetics  
from being useless and ugly 
hoping use will wear corners 
turn corners 
must be the moon or the coffee
old words haunt me 
old worlds hang on 
the lines i feel a travel coming on


it's only a coffee moon
hangin' in a paper sky
don't know why the world's gotta cry
but cry it do it do
hope you're not planning to ride a hurricane
but always whatever else
have fun
- Anona

hurricane in the peacable kingdom
when the words are the museum of our lives
and our lives are the museum of God's love
the wind blowing up
our skirts and our minds
powered by the dream
the sunlight
crashing on the shore

- Anon


they held all the aces
heads above the shores
but we held all the wild cards
and to their sar we grin
what is wild and changed by will
will never be possessed
or fear death
- Anona

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