Dog Paintings for Sale

Dog Paintings for Sale
Congrats to Schmutt for finding a home. Little Schmutt was always such a friend at Artvilla that his painting is precious, like him.

Schmutt the dog
was a good ol’ dog
even though he was so
That tiny body
was all heart
and all

Isn’t it Ever Time America

Obama lover
and other replacement words
and phrases
don’t hide your
isn’t it time we
who the wolves
who we are, America?

Wasn’t it time in 1860?
Wasn’t it time in Selma?
Isn’t it time in Ferguson?

We go on
We go on
The police go on.
The news go on,
The talking heads go on.

We drive our fancy cars and
point at those who walk.

Isn't it time



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We like Native American photos, poems, songs, stories and interests.
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Iraq History of Eden and the World’s First Civilizations

World's Earliest Civilization Documentary on the World's First Civilizations in Iraq

History of Eden

Mesopotamia, Suma, Eden, Satan, Abraham, the Flood, the beginnings of written language, Gilgamesh was a king of Uruk, Mesopotamia, who lived between 2800 and 2500 BC. The history of Iraq is the history of “God” for half of the world. This is a remarkable portrait of ancient civilizations and lands which were once so fertile where early people gathered around water to form the first civilizations. Civilizations which were the first to use up the natural resources and move on. The pattern seems to have continued throughout history from Egypt to Peru.
The only difference today is that there is nowhere to go once we deplete the forests around us. We can’t pack up and leave our pyramids and move on.
An altogether look at the beginnings of civilization and how it was first recorded. Gilgamesh was the first God to be written down and the Bible begins at the time when writing begins. Before that there was the oral tradition and art which could illustrate that tradition.

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We are beginning a new links page to link to web people we know who labor over websites and need a link. That pure and simple. Sometimes seemingly off topic places who support us in some way and we’d like to support with a link. This page will grow as writers, poets, artists and others show up.

Red Slider

Sacramento Z Newspaper

Jackson Precision Machine who does CNC Milling and Machining in Nashville, Tennessee.

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