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Image of a flower in bloom

Image of a flower in bloom

Image of a flower in bloom

Image of a flower
                      in bloom

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Jodey Bateman translates poem
by Gabriel Mistral

  "I Sing What You Love"
  ("Canto Que Amabas")


Teething on a celery stalk
sitting in a tree
brother and sister together
joyful playing autumn leaves

some gold in these golden years
these many pictures held in time
as my own fade in memories
old, so very old
though pictures remain
the joy is lost
and found again
in my little chickadees
fully alive and growing
into whom I can not know

the snow falls thick and fast
soft and gentle

the fleece is white as snow
bountifully the garden grows

yes didnít I have
my Springtime in the Rockies
snow melt bath
embrace warmth of sun

for now
have I my chickadees

Summer Breeze

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roses in the snow

roses in the snow - imagine that!

Solstice at Motherbird


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